Here are some pictures of the Fullerton Mill Town ruins that we found on one of our trips in December of 2009.

For more in depth information on the origins of Fullerton you have to take a look here: Venture Vernon

Fullerton Saw Mill Town by GypsySoul

Here is the marker at the recreation and camp site area giving some information about the history. There is also a board that has photos and more info.

There is a trail that will take you along side a few of the ruins. It’s about a 1 1/2 mile long. I can’t remember which of  the ruins are seen along the trail because we don’t stick to a trail. We’re just adventurous that way. LOL! Most of the ruins and especially the larger ones are found if you venture out into the thick woods. There really isn’t any good mapping system available to let you know what used to be where and how to find it out there. But they do have a team of researchers that have done some mapping. We pretty much just take off walking and keep our eyes out for structures, we enjoy the hunt…and the finds.

Doesn’t he look serious. He is serious about his exploring. LOL…

Part of the old mill.

Storage facilities I believe. There were many rows of these tall walls.

Can’t remember if this was the theater or bank maybe

Remnants of the old community swimming pool.

The Fullerton Saw Mill Town is one of our favorite places to go. Whether it’s exploring, camping, biking, hiking…we just really think the area is neat.

Check it out sometime, bring water, wear boots, have a gps if you tromp off into the woods. The best time to go is winter time because the over growth is deadened down a bit and it’s easier to spot and find stuff.