Well it seems as though I’ve trailed off into the sunset and forgot about posting here on our site. I kept meaning to, then would get preoccupied with daily life and not stop to take the time. I would like to write about a couple of trips we took back in 2013/2014 to Petit Jean Mountain/State Park, Arkansas. It really is a lovely place. You can read more info about it here: Petit Jean State Park

The first time we went we were looking for a great fun place to take Cheyenne for her summer vacation in 2013. Ends up we went during record high temps of around 103 degrees or so on some days. Not exactly the best tent camping temps. But we had a fantastic time and did lots of exploring and hiking. She loved her first taste of mountains and rocks even if she did have a slight melt down on her hike back out of Cedar Falls.

The second time we headed up there was during our Mardi Gras break during Spring of 2014. We were hoping for some type of a snowy vacation, but not really expecting that would pan out. Boy were we wrong. A big winter/ice storm hit and caused traffic jams with people stuck sitting in Atlanta and Little Rock Arkansas on the interstates overnight. We just so happen to be traveling up to Petit Jean the night before it hit. We woke up to a winter wonderland on the mountain and temps of around 9 degrees! Thankfully this time we had a new camper to keep us warm. It was a much different experience than the first time and so much fun!