With so much rain around here the past couple of months there hasn’t been much adventuring. The only outdoor time we’ve had other than trying to get our Spring garden done is a drive out to Camp Claiborne for some R&R time in the woods this past weekend…as per request from Cheyenne who has been proclaiming for a while she “was ready to go to the woods and hike.” It was a beautiful day for a small fire, a little hike for her and Dad, and just plain old enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of the forest.

In hopes of good weather in the future and hopefully some good trips as well, we have been trying to build on our gear. Now that the hubs and I have our backpacks and camp-stoves (thanks to Christmas gift giving), we are now thinking about what other gear we will need for our potential backpack adventures. He’s got a mummy bag so far for sleeping situations, but I’ve yet to acquire one. Something I’ve also been looking into to go along with this is a sleep pad. I’ve seen a few suggestions of good pads around the internet, but today I came across this article and found it had some good advice to consider and pass along.

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How to Choose a sleep pad for camping or backpacking