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Click to read article – How to Pack a Camp Kitchen

I really liked this article I came across showing how to pack a camp kitchen. Actually I’ve spent the whole night Saturday night and Sunday morning reading back in their website, it’s just that good. Some really cool folks who love to share info about the outdoors, cooking, and more. I’m addicted and it’s going on my daily read list.

As for the camp kitchen it pretty much mimics what our camp kitchen looks like. We’re not glam campers so we stick to the minimum most of the time. If it’s just the two of us camping/hiking we bring non perishable light foods. If we’re car camping as they call it then we will bring a small ice chest with some meat and veggies to cook up. They definitely cook much better looking camp meals than we do.

One thing is we haven’t done any serious multiday backpacking yet, and we don’t have a small pocket stove. But it’s definitely on the list…both the stove and the backpacking.

So go read the article, and peruse the rest of the site as well. Oh, they also have an article on packing a Backpacking Kitchen as well.