It seems we’ve added a new little companion to some of our adventures. Jared thought it would be fun to take Cheyenne on a camping trip for her 6th birthday. Being her first overnight outing we chose a location at Kisatchie Bayou because there was a creek and sand bars and rocks for her to play and keep occupied with. Other than her deciding that scouting firewood was too much work, and the 1 1/2 mile hike up hills was not fun about halfway through….she loved it. Seriously loved it. As in every weekend since she asks to go camping or hiking. LOL! Of course Daddy is happy and planning more trips 😉

Not exactly the low gear, quiet location type camping trips Jared and I do together. Till she gets older and more used to camping we’ll have a bit more gear and choose locations she might enjoy more.

Dad’s yummy camp breakfast!

Before we started the hike on the Longleaf Vista

Lots of breaks with a little one and little legs.

We set up the camera with self timer on a bench so we could get a family photo.

It was a really fun weekend and now that she’s caught the bug like us there will surely be more.