to have gotten away from me. Not that I’m not living it or appreciating it, but there just doesn’t seem enough time in the days to relish in it and post it to the blog.

At any rate, yes we have been adventuring. Hell every day with my husband is an adventure! No seriously, he’s got more energy and ideas than I can muster the gumption to keep up with. But I try, guess that’s what I get for marrying a younger man huh. LOL! I kid, I love it…even though it’s hard to keep up with him at times.

Our latest ventures have been on the water. We are kayakers now! Something I’ve wanted to do for ages and ages and now I have my own beautiful fushia swirl Ocean Venus 11. Isn’t she lovely.

Our first time out we headed over to the Sabine Islands, putting in at Niblett’s Bluff. I thought I was in for a nice relaxing paddle with my new boat. I should have known better. Here I am heading into what I’m calling the Abyss.

It was so lovely and magical paddling through the cypress trees and admiring the moss and nature in general. Yea there were bugs, mainly deer flies biting the crap out of me… but I smacked them with my hat and said many curse words but paddled on. Then hubs decided he wanted to try to see if this little route emptied out into a slew that he knew of that would hopefully push us back to the beginning. ?? It was already kinda late in the day to be starting this adventure, but I followed along like a good wife. Cursing and vowing that my patience was gone all the while dragging my boat up embankments and through the woods over to a clear spot to put back in because we keep hitting into log jams. After a few of these and getting flipped by a rushing current, I admittedly lost my cool and had to sit and calm for a minute…or two. We pressed on once more, but thankfully he decided it was getting too late and we didn’t know how much more of this we were in for until we go to the end. But we were on the right track at least, what little we could tell when we could get a signal on the gps.

Alas we turned around and he vowed we would return to finish this adventure another day. This isn’t the most flattering shot but can you see the elation on my face when we got back out to the clearing and closer to the dock.

We’ve since then gone back out and had a few nice relaxing paddles. He says I get a few of those for every one of his wild adventures. hhhmm…. We hit up the Salt Water barrier out of Westlake and also Holbrook park. All very beautiful and fun to paddle through.

So yes, adventures are being had and I’m hoping to be better about posting them here. I may even back post some of the things we done recently…besides the kayaking.