Our last night was a doozy. After a night of steady rain, we woke to a wet mess. We had to take our bedding and tent and hang them to dry before we could attempt to pack them back up.

After hanging our stuff, we headed out on foot into the ATV trails because there were a couple of Geocaches hidden out there. Along the way we came across some of the old ruins.

I’m not sure what it is, but there are more just like it in another area of trails that we rode on last year. If someone is familiar with what this is/was, leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s the tiny cache we found nearby…magnetic and about 2-3 inches big (The black dot in the middle there). It was stuck to the underside of the rails. Not sure how this thing stays on there with all the rattling of ATV’s that pass over it all the time.

This next cache we walked a long way through the woods to find. It was actually the second part to a multi cache that is stationed at the entrance to Camp Claiborne. Love the old tree it was stuck in!

We also tried our luck again trying to find the cache that is over by the pool. That one is hard to locate. But I busted out my wide angle lens and took advantage of some more shots of the cool pool.

And of course the Officer’s Club too. I just love this place!

We traveled miles of old base roads looking for caches. Some in better condition than others. And some roads weren’t really roads, more like trails…which can be nerve wrecking for me at times. JRed says he’s gonna have to start giving me Xanax before we take these trips so I don’t trip out on his trail driving. LOL!

In this next shot I’m standing on what used to be an old bridge, but is now a big rubble of concrete…taking the shot of our path in. That was a special cache because it was our first FTF (first to find) since doing Geocache. It had eluded another big group that had been out there in October looking for it.

The next cache took forever to get to, and was a maze of old roads on the southwest side of the base by the old rail area. There used to be a rail bridge that went across from this spot to the other side (not shown). That big hole is a lot deeper than it seems here on the picture.

On our way out we accidentally came across on old building that was evidently used for sewage treatment back in the day. It was fenced off and had warning signs all around it, which no other buildings out there have. This building was really big, bigger than most we found out there. It goes way back.

The last cache at Claiborne we found that day was one that was just literally put out two days before, by the old Theatre ruins.

It was a small one, an old pill bottle hidden in one of the old pipes.

And finally we ended the day over by Indian Creek, near the Bass hatchery there is a cool area with a burned out old bridge that people fish off of. We found this cache hidden in this tree log.

We had a great time on our 3 days spent caching and camping around the old bases. We found some cool areas, met cool folks, and had some great quality time together. Of course it was nice to get home to a nice hot shower and clean clothes though ;D

And since then I’ve been looking into some more history of the old hospital in Pineville. I’m putting together a post with some of that info, so hopefully I’ll have that up soon.